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House of Prayer for all peoples

Simple Faith in the heart


Trani (BT) – Roma

Genzano di Lucania (PZ) Basilicata – Milano 


The AVRAHAMIC HEBREW COMMUNITY of the House of Avraham has emerged out of a necessity that has become indispensable for the continuation of our work after more than forty years of study.

Many times, starting with ourselves, we generated confusion about our role and mission in this generation.

Our lack of clarity, stemming from the fact that our studies reveal step by step the path to fulfilling the Mission entrusted to Morè Yisrael Dovid bar Avraham Delle Donne, led us to be confused and to confuse ourselves with contemporary official Judaism.

Today, it is no longer the case. Today, we can declare that the root is certainly unique, but we now understand that our path has always been different from official Judaism.

Today, we can acknowledge that those who, in Rabbinic Judaism, could not understand our work were justified in doing so due to the secular teachings of the rabbis, which rightly, in the perspective of the Divine Plan, led them to distance themselves from our studies when they addressed the radical points of distinction from tradition.

On the other hand, we couldn’t fully comprehend why, even though we respected much more than others in the Jewish field, the holidays, rituals, Shabbat, and much more, we were not welcomed by official Judaism.

Many times there were moments of approach, and just as many times, for one reason or another, subsequent distancing occurred.

Now we know it was right. Let’s repeat it; the root that unites us is the same; there is no difference between us and official Judaism in recognizing the role and history of Israel and the men of God who have informed its events.

The difference, however, is substantial when, at the separation of Israel and based on the same historical and cultural roots, we can offer, not through dusty studies conducted in books, but through the reception of the Message of the Third Final Redemption, a broader and more comprehensive vision of the reasons behind history for all the descendants of Avraham, the father of a multitude of nations.

So, dear rabbis, we tell you this: it’s true, we are different. We are not you, and you are not us, we don’t want to be you, and you don’t want to be us, and we cannot be you either.

We apologize if we understood this and communicated it with such clarity only now; perhaps you would have deserved better luck in knowing it earlier.

The Message of the Third Final Redemption is not for one people; it’s not only for Israel.

This Message, of which we are bearers, is for all of humanity, and you must recognize, and here we address all Avrahamic religions, that none of you has a message that can, as it is, be shared by other religious traditions.

Each one has been closed, as the Spirit prophesied through Paul of Tarsus, in its disobedience so that in the end, today, no one can say to the other, “Learn to know the Lord.”

Yes, Jesus of Nazareth is the key figure that the Blessed God wanted in His story of Redemption to spread His Message to all people.

But can we talk about the teachings of Yeshua to rabbis even today, after two thousand years? Certainly not, let’s not kid ourselves, please. And if we don’t talk about Yeshua, what What will be discussed in the Christian world? How can we imagine conveying any message that doesn’t go through that Hebrew man from two thousand years ago? It’s not possible, let’s be serious.

And how can the Messianic tradition be made known and accepted, seen, by the Islamic world? Perhaps he who defines some as infidels or errants in faith can recognize a truth in those same subjects? It’s not possible, without lies.

None of the religious fields inherited from history, which is the history of HaShem, let’s not forget, is really able to bring a message to all the others. And then the Message comes from Heaven, which, by putting everyone in front of their historical errors, brings clear words that unravel the millennial knots.

Why do we call ourselves HEBREWS? Because we recognize ourselves in the God of Avraham, the God of Moses, the God of the Prophet Elijah. Because we have undergone circumcision. Because we observe the Sabbath and adhere to the most absolute monotheism.

Why do we also call ourselves AVRAHAMIC? Because, as mentioned, neither the Jewish-Judaic tradition, nor the Christian tradition, nor the Islamic tradition, nor any other is sufficient to be able to follow the Will of HaShem as it reveals itself day by day before us. Each of these has indeed had its time to be fulfilled, and that time has come.

The Message, as well as everything done by Morè Yisrael, has led us to identify ourselves as AVRAHAMIC, capable of speaking INDISTINCTLY and with the same respect to all on a level of equal dignity, being able to discuss with everyone the reasons that historically have necessarily closed every tradition, each in its own way, in its limited vision of the Divine Plan.

This implies carrying out actions that cannot be understood and therefore accepted, shared, by those same religious traditions from which they originate but which actually capture their true essence.

One can refer, for example, to circumcision of the heart for women, not present in any of these traditions, or to equality even at the level of priesthood between men and women… and don’t say that this is not absolutely revolutionary for both Judaism, Christianity, and the world of Islam.

These are “disturbing” elements, but we didn’t invent them, and as always, we are ready to engage with anyone, in good faith, who wants to understand the guidance that led us to take certain actions.

We are HEBREWS because we firmly believe in the construction of the Third Temple in Jerusalem, and we are AVRAHAMIC because we are equally convinced that this Temple will not be for Israel alone but for all of humanity, all the children of Avraham and therefore, it is necessary that before it can be built, with love, all of humanity comes to recognize and forgive each other for the horrors of history caused by their own religious convictions.

Who, let’s repeat it indeed, with a pure heart can today stand up and say to their brother in front of HaShem, ‘Learn to know the Lord’? Perhaps Judaism, which has closed and sealed itself to the commanded dissemination of the Revelation at Sinai for all these millennia? Perhaps Christianity, which believed in replacing the People of God and, in the name of a man (who never wanted or preached such things), has committed endless disasters, massacres, and abominations? Or maybe Islam, with its unfeasible intent to ‘impose’ customs and make them pass as behavior in accordance with the laws of God?

We are HEBREWS because we are faithful to the God of Sinai, to His revelation, and we are AVRAHAMIC because it is El Shaddai who guides us, and certainly not the Zohar or the Trinity or the Black Stone.

The Signs guide us in Unity and Love.

The Signs that have arrived in the Chamber of Responsibility continue to guide us day by day for over forty years with the Light of HaShem, with the thirteen-armed Menorah that we have received, with the circumcision of man, the circumcision of the heart of both man and woman that we have joyfully performed, with the secret received in the Kabbalak Maassit of blood and blood viscera purification, with the secret of alum to break the hard neck of millennia.

Could we have understood it earlier? Maybe. Should we have understood it earlier because, on multiple occasions, we were not allowed from Heaven to come under rabbinic law? Perhaps we should have. Maybe we should have understood it earlier when, entering churches with our Christian brothers, we marked our clear difference and warned that Yeshua was only a man, even though he was the First Messianic Mandate? Perhaps we should have. Should we have gone to the Muslims first to make them understand the figure of the Messiah? It’s possible.

Yes, perhaps we were not able to fulfill the task entrusted to us with all the diligence possible. For this, we ask forgiveness from HaShem and from you.

However, today we know that we present ourselves to you according to our true task: mediators between Judaism, Christianity, and the world of Islam in the true form of monotheism that El Shaddai, Almighty God, shows us every day, day by day.

Brothers! We are not distant from you! We are not against you! It is not our task to judge! Our task is to make known, to bring to the world the Revelation of the Third Final Redemption.

It will be the very words of the Revelation that can open your hearts, not us. It will be the Message of Redemption that can lead you to reconsider your actions, your beliefs, your convictions. We have learned over all these years that faith is a gift from God; it is not a transaction among men.

And the truth, even with its times that cannot be known beforehand, never fails to manifest itself and illuminate all the children of God.


Shalom, welcome to the time of the Third Final Redemption.



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